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Muhammed Riwan,  Grad 2017

Together We Win

Titrate lung volume based on real patient data. 

A manually adjustable PEEP valve and an intuitive LCD screen allows clinicians to easily set and monitor tidal volume, peak inspiratory pressure, and inspiratory to expiratory ratio in real time.


Designed for functionality, durability and safety 

80% less than a traditional ventilator while maintaining key ventilator functionality

Compact, portable design

No bidding wars

Delivers in 2 weeks from order date 

User friendly for health care professionals on the front-line of COVID-19 

Built with American parts in stock 

Created from compassion and need as a result of COVID-19 pandemic  


An FDA authorized emergency ventilator created to help hospitals, emergency transporters and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.




One Mustang Drive

Cohoes, NY 12047

+1 518 371 2684


FDA Authorized  |  Delivery in 2 weeks  |   Limited Inventory


FDA Authorized 

Tested by respiratory experts

I want to help

Order Now. Be Ready.

These are unprecedented times. 

Medical staff should have FDA authorized equipment to do their job and each patient should have their own equipment to survive their medical needs. 

Order today and do your part to help and give peace to others knowing they were equipped and did all they could. 

PREVENT Data Sheet

Our healthcare workers should have FDA-authorized equipment they need to do their job and every patient should have access to ventilation in times of critical care.

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